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Benowa / Benowa Waters is an extremely popular suburb for families. It covers approximately 6.6 square kilometres, has 14 parks including being home to the Botanical Gardens, it is also home to Royal Pines Resort and its world renown golf course. Benowa has two distinct areas, Benowa, the northern side of Ashmore Road and Benowa Waters, homes situated on the southern side of Ashmore Road. Benowa Waters as its name suggests comprises mostly waterfront properties, situated on the Main River, numerous canals or two of the manmade lakes.

The population of Benowa in 2011 was 7,978 people. By 2016 the population was 8,737 showing a population growth of 9.5% in the area during that time. In 2016, 72.6% of the homes in Benowa were owner-occupied. Currently the median sales price of houses in the area is $930,000. (March 2021)

There is no data to distinguish Benowa from Benowa Waters and today you would expect to pay between $ 1. 2 million to approx. $4. million to buy a waterfront home in Benowa Waters.

“The History of Benowa” Benowa boasts one of the oldest Gold Coast town names, dating back to the 1850’s. The name evolved from the Aboriginal word ‘Boomow” (the bloodwood tree) in 1866 one square mile of land was granted to Robert Muir, which eventually became the Benowa Sugar plantation. The location was known as Nerang Creek, now the section of the Nerang river running along Cabana Blvd and Sir Bruce Small Boulevard. 1866 Marked the opening of the post office and saw the first sale of land within the Benowa township. The Queensland Gazetteer in 1876 describes Benowa as having three sugar mills, a hotel, a racecourse, a courthouse , a store, and a blacksmith.

Today Benowa’s services include the Benowa Gardens Shopping Centre, Pindara Private Hospital, the Royal Pines Resort Golf Course and three schools (public and private). It is also the home of the Gold Coast City’s Regional Botanic Gardens. Cabana Blvd and Sir Bruce Small Boulevards are now in Benowa Waters, the “vanity” suburb of Benowa. All homes south of Ashmore Road, are regarded as being part of Benowa Waters.

Today you would pay between $1.6 million to $4 million to buy a home situated on the main river. To buy a home that is not on the water you would expect to pay upwards of $900,000 and potentially up to $1.3 million. No of houses 2,318 Median Price $930,000 No of units/ townhouses 1,242 Median price $528,068 Data from core logic March 2021.