Why Sell With Us?

“People first, do the right thing and the rest follows”.

Our boutique agency focuses on providing quality bespoke services, expert advice, and honest conversations.

Our ‘no games’ approach provides clients with a clear understanding of where they sit in the market with fair, honest advice you can trust.

We will Squeeze the Lemon for you!

No agent can promise you a price, what we promise is that we will find the best price that is out there in the marketplace. We often surprise ourselves as well as our sellers with the results we achieve, we do this by not putting a ceiling in our minds on any property thus giving it an opportunity to reach its full potential.

We will squeeze the lemon and extract the juice and the pips out to ensure no money is left on the table.  

We focus on quality over quantity, our sellers are our priority, yes, we build great rapport with buyers however our focus is on finding the right buyer for our sellers’ homes, not running the buyers that have enquired on one home through all our properties hoping they will  buy one. We have a buyer’s agent on our team to do that and they will only be given to our buyer’s agent once we have established the first property they enquired on does not suit them.

We are a small agency, with a big reach, tapping into the two biggest databases: Realestate.com and Domain.com.  Using social media to target the right buyers for your property.

“You will always be a big fish in a small pond when working with us”.