Why Lease With Us?

Exceptional service at a competitive rate

An investment property is one of the single largest assets an individual is likely to own, and an absolute privilege to be appointed to manage on our client’s behalf. Therefore, we approach the management of this investment as if it were our own.

How do we do this?

We operate a small portfolio which enables us to offer personalised service to both the landlord and the tenants. We are not your normal Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm operation. If a tenant or landlord needs assistance, they can reach us 7 days a week if necessary. 

We have a number of plumbers, handymen, electricians, and other trades that are extremely well priced and reliable. 

We can offer payments to landlords mid and end of month if required.

We generally rent our properties during the first week they are advertised. Using professional photography and having the property open for inspections are a must to attract the right tenant.

Rigid Tenancy checks.

  • Employment confirmation and income
  • Copies of payslip
  • Copies of Bank Statements
  • Previous tenancy check, reference and copy of ledger from previous property manager.
  • TICA check – (Tenancy blacklist)
  • 100 points of ID
  • Personal reference – we do not hold much to these as no one is going to put down the name of a person who is going to say something negative.
  • ABN checks were possible 

 A Snapshot of Our Services

  • Photographic room by room Entry & Exit reports
  • Up to four routine inspections annually – Photographic
  • Management of your property’s expenses
  • Maintenance and repairs management
  • Rent collection and disbursement.
  • Tribunal dispute resolution
  •  Lease renewal with a rent review
  • Professional photography
  • Premium top-ranking online advertisements on all major listing portal
  • Comprehensive tenant screening
  • Lease signing and bond lodgement.