Feeling valued

I think that selling your home can be a very personal thing to do. Making decisions and knowing what to do wasn’t easy for me. Thank god I chose Karen as my agent. Her expertise in the process and her willingness to not only guide me through it, but to understand what I needed was something rarely found in what can be a game of numbers. Karen isn’t just an agent, she’s a people person, she cares about what she does and the people she deals with. Not only that, she’ll negotiate with all the skills she has to get you the best price possible. I can’t recommend or thank her highly enough.

Chris (Vendor & Buyer)

Professional, helpful, and informative

Karen has now been involved in the sale/purchase of four homes of members within our family. We have always found her to be very hard working, enthusiastic and energetic. Karen takes the time to sit, discuss and give valuable information and insight on the process during both sale and purchase. Each transaction that we have conducted through Karen has given us a better-than-expected outcome and I would recommend Karen with full confidence that any client will walk away fully satisfied in knowing they have achieved the best possible result.

John (Vendor)


Trust a real estate agent? Actually yes. Right from the start Karen had my trust. You could just see that she was saying it how it is. We were never left in the dark, our calls were always returned, we always felt that the agents were working for us and I have not met a better negotiator than Karen. Just fabulous.

Julie (Vendor)

Straight up, makes it easy

As you can guess from the headline, Karen is very frank, forthright, and excellent to deal with. Karen is personable and a credit to her brand. I’d much rather do business with someone who’s ‘real’ and not your regular cliché agent. Karen ensured both sides got a good deal and we couldn’t be happier, 24 hours after meeting Karen at our perfect new home we signed up – highly recommend and if I on sell at some stage there’s only one person I’d call.

Mike & Jenna

Martin’s testimonial selling

Martin came to me highly recommended and immediately put a plan in place to achieve the highest price possible. 

My property was being marketed by a prominent Franchised Real Estate Agency with a fixed price and then eventually after a few months it was offered at a public auction, again without success. 

Martin viewed the situation and suggested that we lift the asking price by $40,000 and target a 

different buyer market, my property was sold by Martin within 7 days for $35,000 more than the previous list price. 

He then researched and found my next home which I was able to move into with absolutely no 

stress involved. 

I can obviously recommend Martin to anyone wishing to take advantage of his experience, honesty and impartial advice.

Jane H Ashmore

Aaron’s testimonials

I met Aaron just after finishing painting my home. He knocked on the front door and asked if we were interested in selling our house. My wife and I had been thinking about selling but were going to wait until the Christmas and new year’s was out of the way, as this was mid-December. I told him we were considering selling. 

He asked if he could have a look around and I said he could, after looking the house over he said he had a family that was definitely interested and would let them know and get back to us. 

About 30 minutes later he asked if the family could look through the house and we said sure.

The family came through and loved the place and put in an offer and next thing the house was sold.

Phyllis and I realised we had nowhere to go. Aaron said he would help us find a new place.

He was awesome, he put together a list of potential homes to view over a few days but in today’s climate everything was being snapped up promptly.

I took a leaf out of Aaron’s book and asked a neighbour if she was interested in selling and she said yes, so we offered her a good price, and she took it.

We love our new place although it needs a bit of work but with Aaron’s help all the way through this process we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Aaron is a different type of agent; this guy really does go the extra mile for you.

He is the best agent I have come across since moving to Queensland and believe me I have come across a few  who are just full of crap, but Aaron is a straight shooter.

If you use Aaron you will not have any problems, I say just see for yourself and you will be astounded.Cheers mate and thanks for all your assistance.

Terry L – Feb 2021

Aaron’s testimonials

We met Aaron in Dec 2020 and what a gentleman. Within 2 hours of meeting, we had a contract signed on our property in Hollywell. We were extremely happy with Aaron’s professional approach and friendliness. We wish you well in your new adventure and we will always recommend AFEA.

Thank you, Aaron.

Kindest regards Adam and Nicki

Adam & Nicki – Feb 2021