Suzanne & Luke Clarkson

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Team Clarkson - Your Ashmore Agents
Being long term residents of Ashmore, Suzanne and Luke find it easy to sell this great location to prospective buyers.
They are also the founders of the Paradise River Facebook group, helping to support their local community.
Two big reasons to call them if you are considering selling.
Suzanne prides herself on putting the trust back into real estate and taking the stress out for you.
Her clients describe her as “One in a Million” and an “Exceptionally Ethical and Professional Agent.” Her testimonials speak for themselves. Suzanne has demonstrated, through her working life, a passion for helping people and a commitment to integrity and honesty.
Suzanne’s a Gold Coast local, with children who attend a primary school in Benowa. She has a deep knowledge of the area and the people who live there. Whether buying or selling, a local real estate agent like Suzanne, is an asset.
Suzanne knows that it’s challenging to manage a busy home and work life, which drives her to make buying and selling an exciting, rather than stressful time. She’s a great communicator and relates to a diverse range of people.
If you’re looking for someone with enthusiasm and who genuinely cares about you, you’ll find no one better than
Having owned one of the most respected tile and grout companies on the Gold Coast many would ask why the move into Real Estate. Being in your early 40’s is still young, but when you are on the tools all day every day it takes its toll on the body. So, it was time to hang up the tools and change careers.
I have been living and breathing the industry for over 5 years; hence it was the obvious choice to join Suzanne and create #teamclarkson.
We both have strong family values, a strong work ethic and a drive to please our clients. As individuals we have our own personalities and life experiences, allowing us as a team to offer you a range of different skills, ideas, and the ability to communicate with a wider range of personalities, very important during negotiations.